You can book packages that include both of our Yurts with additional furnished bell tents provided to accommodate for a total of up to 16 guests.


Within these packages we can provide a range of catering options for you. Basic packages start with a simple hamper of seasonal products and extend to bespoke pizza making or BBQ nights with tailored food and drinks provided for you to use at your leisure.




Our bell tent package is a great choice for larger groups wanting to book out the full campsite and enjoy private use of all the site has to offer in terms

of garden games, fire pits, seating areas and kitchen spaces.


In addition to the booking of the field we can offer full sit down dining options in our beautiful stretch tent along our long wooden table and benches. We can run a bar for you, run team games or arrange for a life drawing or yoga class.





Our corporate events on site have been a fantastic experience. We have honed a great selection of on site games that focus on being conscious and constructive without losing a great sense of fun.


Alongside these we can offer sit down meals, pub quizzes, bohemian accommodation and a connecting of external suppliers to bring great range to individual events.




For large birthday parties and similar events you are going to be looking at use of the Marquee. Within here we can set up a range of different events for you, providing a unique service with regards to decor, catering and entertainment. These bookings would come alongside the booking out of all of our on-site accommodation.


With space to comfortably cater for up to 150 guests we can offer some really fantastic setups here, working with you to find something to stand out from your regular style of event and bringing in elements to make this one stick out in the memory of your guests.



The Camping field is surrounded by fantastic woodland, great local walks and a few choice nearby pubs. We have built up our main event field with garden games, seating areas, a fire pit, a woodland cocktail bar and various other pockets of interest.


Whilst having a conscious ethos to life on site we are all about creating a fun experience for anyone who joins us. There will be various events occurring throughout the summer including supper clubs, cinema screenings, yoga classes and many more bits and pieces. For a limited number of weekends per year we also offer wedding celebrations and private parties.




We Fancy coming along with some gang for a weekend of fun on site? We have a range of different packages and add-ons to help give your time here that little extra element to make it special.

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If you are attending a wedding at Crockstead Fields this summer, you will find lots of useful information on the Guest Welcome Document which can be downloaded here.‚Äč


Crockstead Fields | Festival Weddings | Lifestyle Retreats | Camping Adventures in East Sussex